Who are we?

Kuebiko Global provides innovative online training and career support programs for students looking to start or advance their professions in a variety of technological and business domain fields. We specialize in providing students practical real world knowledge and skills that are required for success in the modern Information Technology industry. Our experienced professionals take inspiration from “Kuebiko,” the Japanese God of wisdom, and their expertise spans a diverse range of techno functional spaces.

With Kuebiko Global, students receive affordable, hands-on, superior training in the areas of business analysis, quality analysis, project management, niche software products, and industry domain knowledge. Our services are ideal for working professionals looking to diversify their skillsets, change jobs, college students in need of additional training to jumpstart their careers or corporations that need a training partner for their employees.

How can we help you?
  • Differentiate yourself from competition via hands on expertise and domain knowledge
  • Increase your longevity on contracts and make yourself indispensable in your job
  • Demand the pay and promotions you deserve backed with practical knowledge
  • Amplify your value as a BA/QA/PM/Development manager with business domain knowledge
  • Make yourself recession and outsourcing proof