Business Analysis Tools

This course provides hands on training for five key tools that business systems analysts use in their everyday job. Microsoft – VISIO for creating diagrams, Axure for User Interface design, iGrafx for Process modelling and ERWIN for data modeling and requisite pro for end to end requirements management

Course Description

You should consider this course if...
You want to differentiate yourself from a regular BA and be an expert in your profession with hands on knowledge of key tools.

Are there any course prerequisites?
There are no pre-requisites but familiarity with business systems analysis concepts if helpful

BA tools (VISIO, Jira, Axure, req pro and iGrafx) e-learning free as a bonus if you purchase the instructor lead version of this course

Self paced learning ?

  5 most commonly used BA tools
  Details tips and tricks for each tool
  Work on a real project

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Course Curriculum

+1. VISIO — 5 hours

– Tour the VISIO UI and main features
– Tour the various VISIO stencils
– Create custom shapes and stencils
– Understanding smartshapes
– Insert foreground and background pages
– Containers and call outs
– Hyperlinks
– Snap and glue settings
– Create, remove, assign and manage layers
– Create a UML diagram
– Create a organization chart
– Create a BPMN diagram
– Create a User Interface
– Publish your diagram

+2. Axure — 6 hours

– Introduction to Axure
– Basic widgets
– Basic interactions
– Dynamic panels
– Form elements
– Using masters
– Conditions and variables
– Page options
– Widget libraries
– Adaptive views
– Repeater widgets

+3. Igrafx — 6 hours

– iGrafx overview
– Basic process diagram conventions
– Process diagramming editor (Toolbars, Shapes, Windows)
– Create a process diagram hands on with process, sub-process, loops and swimlanes
– Importing and Publishing
– BPMN level 1 palette
– Concept of tokens
– BPMN style rules
– Diagramming vs Modeling
– Repository folders
– Diagram folders
– Checkout/Check in
– Cycle management
– Review and approval cycle
– Endorsement cycle

+4. Requisite Pro — 4 hours

– Requirement definition and overview
– ReqPro Explorer – Introduction to the ReqPro Explorer
– Requirements in the ReqPro database
– Attributes Requirement attributes
– Requirement Hierarchy & parent/child relationship
– Creating documents in a project
– Intro to requirements in a document
– Creating requirements in documents
– Moving requirements in a document
– Deleting requirements in a document
– Views Reports and tables
– Working in the attribute matrix
– Move requirements in and out of document
– Links for traceability
– Traceability Matrix
– Traceability Tree
– Working with suspect links
– Filters for reports and tables
– Sorting reports and tables

+5. ERWIN — 4 hours

– Introduction to ERWIN
– The ERWIN interface
– Creating a logical and physical data model in ERWIN
– Entities and tables
– Key groups and indexes
– Relationships in ERWIN data model
– UDP user defined properties
– Diagram management
– Report designer
Total Time: 25 hours

Course Reviews

Ignacio Garcia

I have been working as a BA for a while now but never was formally trained in any of these tools. I took a leap of faith and took this course – a great decision. There was no way I could have got such a deep insight into these tools in such a short time!

Ignacio Garcia – Systems Analyst

Pradeep Banerjee

Awesome practical hands on course. The best part is that it explains the various BA tools using a real project which you work hands on. A unique teaching concept which really worked well with me.

Pradeep Banerjee – Business analyst


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