PMP Exam Prep

This is an exam preparation course structured with the goal of providing students exactly what they need to clear the Project Management Professional (PMP®) exam. The coursework is focused on key topics and knowledge areas required for success in the exam. This package includes the exam prep handbook, study aids, quick reference guides, 800 practice questions, 4 full length exams and PDUs.

Course Description

You should consider this course if...
You have been working in a techno-functional role for a few years and want to enhance your professional credentials with a formal industry recognized project management certification

Are there any course prerequisites?
The pre-requisites of the certifying body PMI (Project Management Institute) is as follows:
High school diploma AND 7500 hours of PM work AND 35 hours of project management education
OR 4 year degree AND 4500 hours of PM work AND 35 hours of PM education

PM tools (Microsoft Project, Clarity, Jira) e-learning free as a bonus if you purchase the instructor lead version of this course

Self paced learning ?

Instructor lead online ?

  4 PMP simulation exams
  35 PDUS
  Hundreds of practice questions
  Specials exam clearing tips and tricks

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Course Curriculum

+1. Introduction to PMP® Certification — 2 hours

– About PMI® and PMP® exam
– Exam-Taking Tips
– Course Overview
– Process Chart

+2. PM Framework — 2 hours

– What is a project?
– Project Stakeholders
– Organizational Structure
– Product Life Cycle, Project Life Cycle, Project Management Life Cycle

+3. Project integration management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Integration
– Develop Project Charter
– Develop Project Management Plan
– Direct and Manage Project Work
– Monitor and Control Project Work
– Perform Integrated Change Control
– Close Project or Phase

+4. Project Scope Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Scope Management
– Plan Scope Management
– Collect Requirements
– Define Scope
– Create WBS
– Validate Scope
– Control Scope

+5. Project Time Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Time Management
– Plan Schedule Management
– Define Activities
– Sequence Activities
– Estimate Activity Resources
– Estimating Activity Durations
– Develop Schedule
– Control Schedule

+6. Project Cost Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Cost Management
– Plan Cost Management
– Estimate Costs
– Determine Budget
– Control Costs

+7. Project Quality Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Quality Management
– Plan Quality Management
– Perform Quality Assurance
– Control Quality

+8. Project Human Resource Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Human Resource Management
– Plan HR Management
– Acquire Project Team
– Develop Project Team
– Manage Project Team

+9. Project Communication Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Communication Management
– Plan Communications Management
– Manage Communications
– Control Communications

+10. Project Risk Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Risk Management
– Plan Risk Management
– Identify Risks
– Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
– Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
– Plan Risk Responses
– Control Risks

+11. Project Procurement Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Procurement Management
– Plan Procurement Management
– Conduct Procurements
– Control Procurements
– Close Procurements

+12. Project Stakeholder Management — 2 hours

– Overview of Project Stakeholder Management
– Identify Stakeholders
– Plan Stakeholder Management
– Manage Stakeholder Engagement
– Control Stakeholder Engagement

+13. Professional Responsibility — 2 hours

– Professional Responsibility

+14. Review & Final Evaluation Test — 2 hours

– Structured Concentrated Review of all Chapters
– Final Test Questions
– End of Course Questions/Next Steps
Total Time: 28 hours

Course Reviews

Ritesh Sharma

The trainer was EXCELLENT. He made us relate the PMP material to real life job scenarios and how the exam creators think. I could not have done it on my own.

Ritesh Sharma – Project Manager

Tang Jia

Kudos to this course. It tremendously increased my confidence in being able to clear the PMP. Crisp, clear and to the point.

Tang Jia – Program Manager


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